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NCSES SDR FY2013 DST 36 SAS Output
Table 36. Doctoral scientists and engineers employed as postdoctoral appointees, by occupation: 2013

Occupation              Number SE
All occupations 27,100 750
Science occupations 24,400 700
Biological/ agricultural/ other life scientists 17,300 550
Agricultural/ food scientists 400 150
Biochemists/ biophysicists 4,500 400
Biological scientists 3,900 300
Forestry/ conservation scientists S S
Medical scientists 5,000 350
Postsecondary teachers, agricultural/ other natural sciences D D
Postsecondary teachers, biological sciences 100 50
Other biological/ agricultural/ life scientists 3,300 300
Computer/ information scientists 400 150
Computer/ information scientists 400 150
Mathematical scientists 700 150
Mathematical scientists 500 150
Postsecondary teachers, mathematics/ statistics 100 50
Physical scientists 4,500 300
Chemists, except biochemists 1,300 200
Earth/ atmospheric/ ocean scientists 700 150
Physicists/ astronomers 2,000 200
Postsecondary teachers, physics D D
Postsecondary teachers, other physical sciences D D
Other physical scientists 400 150
Psychologists 1,000 200
Psychologists 900 200
Postsecondary teachers, psychology D D
Social scientists 500 150
Economists 200 100
Postsecondary teachers, economics D D
Postsecondary teachers, political science D D
Postsecondary teachers, sociology D D
Postsecondary teachers, other social sciences 100 50
Sociologists/ anthropologists D D
Other social scientists 100 100
Engineering occupations  1,700 250
Aerospace/ aeronautical/ astronautical engineers D D
Chemical engineers 300 100
Civil/ architectural/ sanitary engineers 200 100
Electrical engineers 200 100
Industrial engineersa D D
Mechanical engineers 200 100
Postsecondary teachers, engineering D D
Other engineersa 800 150
S&E-related occupations   800 150
Health occupations, except postsecondary teachers and managers 500 150
Postsecondary teachers, health and related sciences 100 100
S&E managers, including health 100 100
S&E precollege teachers D D
S&E technicians and technologists D D
Other S&E-related occupations D D
Non-S&E occupations    200 100
Arts/ humanities-related occupations D D
Management-related occupations D D
Non-S&E managers D D
Non-S&E postsecondary teachers D D
Sales/ marketing occupations D D
Social service–related occupations D D

Codes used in data tables: * = suppressed when population estimate < 50. D = suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information. S = suppressed for reliability; coefficient of variation exceeds publication standards.
S&E = science and engineering; SE = standard error.
a From 1999 to 2008, data for Industrial engineers were mislabeled as "Materials/metallurgical engineers." For all years, data in this category have included only industrial engineers. For all years, data on Materials/metallurgical engineers have been included only in Other engineers.
NOTES: Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100. Standard errors are rounded up to the nearest 50. Detail may not add to total because of rounding. A postdoc is a temporary position awarded in academe, industry, nonprofit organizations, or government primarily for gaining additional education and training in research. Postdoc status is reported for the principal job as of the survey reference date (1 February 2013).
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Survey of Doctorate Recipients, 2013.
Data from survey cycle 2013, as of 18 February 2014.