Table A-17. Mapping of GSS Codes and Fields

Broad field Detailed field GSS code GSS field name
Agricultural sciences Agricultural sciences 501 Agricultural Sciences
Biological sciences Anatomy 601 Anatomy
Biochemistry 602 Biochemistry
Biology 603 Biology
Biometry and epidemiology 604 Biometry and Epidemiology
Biophysics 605 Biophysics
Botany and plant biology 606 Botany and Plant Biology
Cell and molecular biology 607 Cell and Molecular Biology
Ecology 608 Ecology
Entomology and parasitology 609 Entomology and Parasitology
Genetics 610 Genetics
Microbiology, immunology, and virology 611 Microbiology, Immunology, and Virology
Nutrition 612 Nutrition
Pathology 613 Pathology
Pharmacology and toxicology 614 Pharmacology and Toxicology
Physiology 615 Physiology
Zoology 616 Zoology
Biosciences nec 617 Biosciences, not elsewhere classified
Communication Communication 930 Communication
Computer sciences Computer sciences 401 Computer Science
Earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences Atmospheric sciences 301 Atmospheric Sciences
Geosciences 302 Geosciences
Ocean sciences 303 Ocean Sciences
Earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences nec 304 Earth, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences, not elsewhere classified
Family and consumer sciences and human sciences Family and consumer sciences and human sciences 920 Family and Consumer Sciences, and Human Sciences
Mathematics and statistics Mathematics and applied mathematics 402 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Statistics 403 Statistics
Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies 980 Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies
116 Nanotechnology
Neurobiology and neuroscience Neurobiology and neuroscience 950 Neurobiology and Neuroscience
Physical sciences Astronomy and astrophysics 201 Astronomy and Astrophysics
Chemistry 202 Chemistry
Physics 203 Physics (see also 605)
Physical sciences nec 204 Physical Sciences, not elsewhere classified
Psychology Clinical psychology 803 Clinical Psychology
Psychology, general 801 Psychology, General
Psychology nec 802 Psychology, except Clinical
Social sciences Agricultural economics 901 Agricultural Economics
Anthropology 902 Anthropology
Economics (except agricultural) 903 Economics (see also 901)
Geography 904 Geography
History and philosophy of science 905 History and Philosophy of Science (combined program)
Linguistics 906 Linguistics
Political science and government 907 Political Science and Government
912 International Relations and National Security Studies
913 Public Administration
914 Public Policy Analysis
Sociology 908 Sociology
Sociology and anthropology 909 Sociology and Anthropology (combined program)
Social sciences nec 910 Social Sciences, not elsewhere classified
911 Criminal Justice - Safety Studies
Engineering Aerospace engineering 101 Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural engineering 102 Agricultural Engineering
115 Biological and Biosystems Engineering
Architecture 940 Architecture (exclude MLA, MArch, DArch and DED)
Biomedical engineering 103 Biomedical Engineering
Chemical engineering 104 Chemical Engineering
Civil engineering 105 Civil Engineering
Electrical engineering 106 Electrical Engineering
Engineering science, mechanics, and physics 107 Engineering Science, Mechanics and Physics
Industrial and manufacturing engineering 108 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical engineering 109 Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and materials engineering 110 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (see also 205)
205 Materials Sciences
Mining engineering 111 Mining Engineering
Nuclear engineering 112 Nuclear Engineering
Petroleum engineering 113 Petroleum Engineering
Engineering nec 114 Engineering, not elsewhere classified
Health Anesthesiology 701 Anesthesiology (exclude master’s, ND and DNP)
Cardiovascular science 702 Cardiovascular Science
Endocrinology 704 Endocrinology
Gastroenterology 705 Gastroenterology
Hematology 706 Hematology
Neurology 707 Neurology
Obstetrics and gynecology 708 Obstetrics and Gynecology
Oncology and cancer research 703 Oncology and Cancer Research
Ophthalmology 709 Ophthalmology (exclude OD)
Otorhinolaryngology 710 Otorhinolaryngology
Pediatrics 711 Pediatrics
Preventive medicine and community health 712 Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Psychiatry 713 Psychiatry
Pulmonary disease 714 Pulmonary Disease
Radiology 715 Radiology
Surgery 716 Surgery
Clinical medicine nec 717 Clinical Medicine, not elsewhere classified (exclude DN, DO, DPM, MD and OD)
Communication disorders sciences 723 Communication Disorders Sciences (exclude AuD)
Dental sciences 718 Dental Sciences (exclude DDS)
Nursing science 719 Nursing Science (include research master’s and PhD only)
Pharmaceutical sciences 720 Pharmaceutical Sciences (exclude PharmD)
Veterinary sciences 721 Veterinary Sciences (exclude DVM)
Other health nec 722 Health-Related, not elsewhere classified (exclude DPT, DScPT, and OTD)