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Table 82. Higher education R&D expenditures received from and passed through to other U.S. higher education institutions, by source of funds and survey population: FY 2013
(Dollars in thousands)
  Survey population
Source All
Short form HERD
All R&D received 3,037,741 17,598 3,020,143
    Federally financed 2,802,896 15,739 2,787,157
    Nonfederally financed 234,845 1,859 232,986
All R&D passed through 3,149,837 3,371 3,146,466
    Federally financed 2,845,080 3,197 2,841,883
    Nonfederally financed 304,757 174 304,583

HERD = higher education research and development.
NOTE: Institutions are included in the short form population if they reported less than $1 million in total R&D expenditures during the previous fiscal year.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Higher Education Research and Development Survey, FY 2013.
Data from survey cycle FY 2013, as of 31 July 2014.