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Table A-9. Imputed amounts for externally financed higher education R&D expenditures, by type of agreement: FY 2013
(Dollars in millions)
Type of agreement All separately budgeted
R&D expenditures
Imputed amount Imputed amount
as % of total
All agreements 52,067 47 0.1
     Contracts 11,572 494 4.3
     Grants, reimbursements, and all other agreements 40,495 1,855 4.6

NOTES: Imputation rate at total level is lower than imputation rates at detail levels because some institutions could not provide totals but not details. Because of rounding, detail may not add to total. Percentages calculated on unrounded numbers. This table includes only institutions reporting $1 million or more in total R&D expenditures in FY 2012. Institutions reporting less than $1 million in total R&D expenditures in FY 2012 completed a shorter version of the survey form in FY 2013, and that form did not include this question.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Higher Education Research and Development Survey, FY 2013.
Data from survey cycle FY 2013, as of 31 July 2014.