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Table A-20. Imputed amounts for headcount of R&D postdocs, by highest degree granted and institutional control: FY 2013
Highest degree granted
and institutional control
All R&D postdocs Imputed amount Imputed amount
as % of total
All institutions 66,363 8,899 13.4
     Doctorate 65,852 8,830 13.4
     Nondoctorate 511 69 13.5
     Public 41,394 4,509 10.9
     Private 24,969 4,390 17.6

NOTES: This table includes only institutions reporting $1 million or more in total R&D expenditures in FY 2012. Institutions reporting less than $1 million in total R&D expenditures in FY 2012 completed a shorter version of the survey form in FY 2013, and that form did not include this question.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Higher Education Research and Development Survey, FY 2013.
Data from survey cycle FY 2013, as of 31 July 2014.