Table A-20. Federally financed higher education R&D expenditures from federal agencies not specified in question 9: FY 2017

(Dollars in thousands)

Federal agency R&D expenditures
All other federal agencies 3,325,549
Administrative Conference of the United States 7
Agency for International Development 268,290
Appalachian Regional Commission 446
Central Intelligence Agency 160
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 22
Consumer Product Safety Commission 359
Corporation for National and Community Service 7,169
Department of Commerce 598,712
Department of Education 623,350
Department of Health and Human Servicesa 2,235
Department of Homeland Security 136,565
Department of Housing and Urban Development 9,977
Department of the Interior 279,109
Department of Justice 111,978
Department of Labor 34,051
Department of State 76,638
Department of Transportation 385,696
Department of the Treasury 8,153
Department of Veterans Affairs 128,844
Election Assistance Commission 372
Environmental Protection Agency 118,524
Executive Office of the President 854
Federal Communications Commission 1,146
Federal Trade Commission 31
General Services Administration 39,062
Institute of Museum and Library Services 5,136
Library of Congress 183
National Archives and Records Administration 1,101
National Endowment for the Arts 1,395
National Endowment for the Humanities 13,815
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 11,446
Office of the Director of National Intelligence 29,071
Office of Personnel Management 4,051
Small Business Administration 18,408
Smithsonian Institution 12,729
Social Security Administration 12,853
Tennessee Valley Authority 1,176
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission 10
U.S. House of Representatives 259
U.S. Institute of Peace 55
U.S. Postal Service 549
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 228
Vietnam Education Foundation 31
Other agencies not listed 381,303