Table A-20. Federally financed higher education R&D expenditures from federal agencies not specified in question 9: FY 2018

(Dollars in thousands)

Federal agency R&D expenditures
All other federal agencies 3,325,918
Agency for International Development 261,953
Appalachian Regional Commission 678
Central Intelligence Agency 79
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 41
Consumer Product Safety Commission 719
Corporation for National and Community Service 9,358
Delta Regional Authority 70
Denali Commission 260
Department of Commerce 613,447
Department of Defensea 196
Department of Education 630,683
Department of Homeland Security 171,744
Department of Housing and Urban Development 13,137
Department of Justice 133,271
Department of Labor 32,540
Department of State 79,170
Department of the Interior 273,298
Department of the Treasury 5,752
Department of Transportation 399,987
Department of Veterans Affairs 90,213
Election Assistance Commission 50
Environmental Protection Agency 110,236
Executive Office of the President 3,832
Federal Communications Commission 1,250
Federal Trade Commission 5
General Services Administration 58,490
Institute of Museum and Library Services 7,592
Library of Congress 162
National Archives and Records Administration 569
National Endowment for the Arts 1,168
National Endowment for the Humanities 15,033
Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10,407
Office of Personnel Management 4,012
Office of the Director of National Intelligence 45,107
Peace Corps 21
Small Business Administration 17,481
Smithsonian Institution 5,340
Social Security Administration 11,063
Tennessee Valley Authority 554
U.S. Agency for Global Media 29
U.S. Institute of Peace 123
U.S. Postal Service 2,506
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 782
Vietnam Education Foundation 3
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 200
Other agencies not listed 313,307