Crosswalk of Federal Funds Survey Agency Codes to Federal Agency Codes

Federal Agency Code
Federal Funds Survey Agency Code(s)

A Department of Agriculture
010000 Department of Agriculture
010400 Agricultural Cooperative Service
010600 Agricultural Marketing Service
010700 Agricultural Research Service
010900 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
011000 National Institute of Food and Agriculture
012000 Economic Research Service
011200 Economics, Statistics, and Cooperative Service
011220 Economic Research Service
011240 Farmer Cooperative Service
011260 Statistical Reporting Service
011300 Economics and Statistics Service
016000 Food Safety Inspection Service
015000 Foreign Agricultural Service
012400 Forest Service
012300 Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration
012500 Human Nutrition Information Service
014500 National Agricultural Statistics Service
012600 Office of International Cooperation and Development
012800 Office of Transportation
015500 Rural Business-Cooperative Service
013620 Agricultural Research Service
013640 Cooperative State Research Service
013660 National Agricultural Library

B Department of Defense
030400 Department of the Army
030420 Department of the Army, Civil Functions
030410 Department of the Army, Military Functions
030800 Department of the Navy
031200 Department of the Air Force
031210 Department of the Air Force, Material Command
031211 Department of the Air Force, Space Command
031600 Defense Agencies
031604 Missile Defense Agency
031612 Chemical/Biological Defense
031602 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
031607 Defense Information Systems Agency
031610 Defense Logistics Agency
031605 Defense Special Weapons Agency
031611 Defense Threat Reduction Agency
031615 Defense Technical Information Center
031617 Defense Contract Management Agency
031618 Defense Business Transformation Agency
035000 Defense Security Cooperation Agency
031619 Defense Security Service
031601 Joint Staff
031606 National Imagery & Mapping Agency
031609 Special Operations Command
031613 Tri-Care Management Activity
031603 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
031608 Washington Headquarters Services
032000 Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
034000 Operational Test and Evaluation, Director
033000 Test and Evaluation, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
031616 Other DOD

C National Institutes of Health
040500 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Mental Health Administration (HEW)
150500 Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Mental Health Administration (HHS)
044500 National Institutes of Health (HEW)
154500 National Institutes of Health (HHS)

D Other Departments of Health and Human Services
040600 Environmental Health Service (HEW)
046000 Office of Child Development (HEW)
043800 Office of Human Development Services (HEW)
047500 Office of International Health (HEW)
048000 Office of the Secretary (HEW)
048500 Social and Rehabilitation Service (HEW)
159500 Administration on Aging (HHS)
159200 Administration for Children and Families (HHS)
155600 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (HHS)
153800 Human Development Services (HHS)
158000 Office of the Secretary (HHS)
158010 Office of the Assistant Secretary, Planning and Evaluation (HHS)
158020 Office of Public Health and Science (HHS)
159800 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (HHS)
159900 Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry (HHS)

E Department of Energy
130000 Department of Energy
130001 Bonneville Power Administration
130002 Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
130003 Defense Programs
130004 Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy
130005 Environmental Management
130006 Fissile Materials Disposition
130007 Fossil Energy
130008 Naval Reactors
130009 Nonproliferation and Verification
130010 Nuclear Energy
130011 Nuclear Safeguards and Securities
130012 Office of Intellegence
130013 Test Program
130014 Office of Science
130015 Electricity Delivery and Energy Restoration
130016 Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy
060400 Bonneville Power Administration (DOI)
220000 Atomic Energy Commission (Other Federal Agencies)
320000 Energy Research and Development Administration (Other Federal Agencies)

F National Aeronautics and Space Administration
600000 National Aeronautics and Space Administration

G National Science Foundation
620000 National Science Foundation

H Department of Commerce
021000 U.S. Census Bureau
021500 Economic Development Administration
021600 Environmental Science Services Administration
022000 Maritime Administration
026000 Minority Business Development Agency
023500 National Fire Prevention and Control Administration
023000 National Institute of Standards and Technology
024000 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
025000 National Telecommunications and Information Administration
027000 Office of the Secretary
026500 Office of Telecommunications
027500 Patent and Trademark Office
028500 United States Travel and Tourism Administration

I Health Resources and Services Administration
042500 Health Resources Administration (HEW)
152500 Health Resources Administration (HHS)
043000 Health Services Administration (HEW)
153000 Health Services Administration (HHS)
043500 Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HEW)
152800 Health Resources and Services Administration (HHS)

J Department of Transportation
110500 Coast Guard
111000 Federal Aviation Administration
111500 Federal Highway Administration
115000 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
116000 Transportation Security Administration
112000 Federal Railroad Administration
114500 Federal Transit Administration
112300 Maritime Administration
113000 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
113500 Office of the Secretary
114000 Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
117000 Research and Innovative Technology Administration

K Environmental Protection Agency
340000 Environmental Protection Agency

L Nuclear Regulatory Commission
640000 Nuclear Regulatory Commission

M Department of Education
140000 Department of Education
044000 National Institute of Education (HEW)
045000 Office of Assistant Secretary for Education (HEW)
046500 Office of Education (HEW)
490000 Foundation for Educational Assistance

O Centers for Disease Control
041000 Centers for Disease Control (HEW)
151000 Centers for Disease Control (HHS)

P Food and Drug Administration
041500 Food and Drug Administration (HEW)
151500 Food and Drug Administration (HHS)

Q Health Care Financing Administration
042000 Health Care Financing Administration (HEW)
152000 Health Care Financing Administration (HHS)

R Social Security Administration
049000 Social Security Administration (HEW)
159000 Social Security Administration (HHS)
830000 Social Security Administration

S Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health
045500 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (HEW)
155500 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (HHS)

T Department of the Interior
060000 Department of the Interior
061200 Bureau of Land Management
061600 Bureau of Mines
063300 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement
063305 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
063310 Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
062400 Bureau of Reclamation
063200 Geological Survey
063600 Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service
068000 National Biological Service
064000 National Park Service
064800 Office of Coal Research
066000 Office of the Secretary
066400 Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
066600 Office of Water Research and Technology
066620 Office of Saline Water
066640 Office of Water Resources Research
067200 United States Fish and Wildlife Service
067203 Bureau of Commercial Fisheries
067205 Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife
062000 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration

U Department of Housing and Urban Development
050000 Department of Housing and Urban Development

V Agency for International Development
100500 Agency for International Development (DOS)
531000 Agency for International Development

W Department of Labor
080000 Department of Labor
080200 Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
080300 Bureau of Employment Security
080500 Bureau of Labor Statistics
081000 Employment Standards Administration
081500 Employment and Training Administration
081700 Labor-Management Relations and Cooperative Progs
082000 Labor-Management Services Administration
082500 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
083000 Office of the Secretary
083500 Employee Benefits Security Administration
084500 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
085000 Wage and Hour Division

Z Other Agencies
160000 ACTION
180000 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
200000 Appalachian Regional Commission
570000 Broadcasting Board of Governors
120200 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
120400 Bureau of Engraving and Printing
101000 Bureau of Intelligence and Research
070500 Bureau of Prisons
260000 Civil Service Commission
280000 Community Services Administration
300000 Consumer Product Safety Commission
070000 Department of Justice
100000 Department of State
120000 Department of the Treasury
980000 Department of Veteran Affairs
101500 Departmental Funds
071000 Drug Enforcement Administration
071500 Federal Bureau of Investigation
360000 Federal Communications Commission
380000 Federal Emergency Management Agency
400000 Federal Energy Administration
480000 Federal Trade Commission
120500 Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
500000 General Services Administration
072000 Immigration and Naturalization Service
120800 Internal Revenue Service
540000 Interstate Commerce Commission
560000 Library of Congress
610000 National Archives and Records Administration
381000 National Fire Prevention and Control Administration
660000 Office of Economic Opportunity
680000 Office of Emergency Preparedness
072500 Office of Justice Programs
073000 Office of Legal Policy
700000 Office of Personnel Management
720000 Office of Science and Technology
740000 Office of Telecommunications Policy
121200 Office of Thrift Supervision
420000 Office of Thrift Supervision
102000 Peace Corps
090000 Post Office Department
760000 Postal Service
800000 Small Business Administration
820000 Smithsonian Institution
840000 Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention
860000 Tennessee Valley Authority
880000 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
120600 United States Customs Service
520000 United States Information Agency
940000 United States International Trade Commission
120900 United States Mint
121000 United States Secret Service

2 Department of Homeland Security
250000 Department of Homeland Security
254000 Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
251000 Science and Technology Directorate
251500 Transportation Security Administration
252000 U.S. Coast Guard
252500 U.S. Secret Service