This download file contains data and related documentation for the public
use 2013 National Survey of College Graduates (NSCG) data files.

The data included in this download file is taken from the February 07, 2022 version of the NSCG data maintained at NSF. 


  Data and Programs

  The microdata are provided in various formats to facilitate their use with many software packages.
  The principal data format that is supported by NSF is SAS.  Technical support by NSF is limited to 
  the data files and the SAS programs listed here. NSF does not provide support to users of SPSS or 
  other packages, as SPSS and these other packages are not available at the agency.

  EPCG13.DAT - 2013 NSCG data in ASCII format
  epcg13.sas7bdat - 2013 NSCG data in SAS for Windows format
  pcg13rw.sas7bdat - 2010 NSCG replicate weights - a text file containing SAS FORMAT assignment statements - a text file containing SAS LABEL assignment statements - a text file containing SAS PROC FORMAT statements

  Ldpcg13.sps - a text file containing SPSS syntax for loading EPCG13.DAT (ASCII data) into SPSS
  NOTE: Technical support for SPSS users is not provided by NSF. The validity of this file 
  has not been verified by NSF, as SPSS is not available at the agency.

  LAYOUTPCG13.TXT - Input Layout for EPCG13.DAT

  Documentation and Related Files
  NSCG_SD_2013.pdf - Survey description

  2013_NSCG_New_Cohort_Annotated.pdf - Survey instrument for the 2013 NSCG new sample cases
  2013_NSCG_Old_Cohort_Annotated.pdf - Survey instrument for the 2015 NSCG returning sample cases

  Ppcg13.html - Summary variable codebook in html, 508-compliant format.
  Ppcg13.pdf - Summary variable codebook in Adobe PDF format.

  Dpcg13.xlsx - Data Dictionary Source/SAS name crosswalk file (EXCEL spreadsheet format)
  NSCG Replicate Weights User Guide 1993 to Present_rev3Feb22.docx - Replicate Weights User Guide

  README.TXT - this read me file

If you have any problems opening, accessing or loading these files, please contact:

  Lynn Milan
  Survey Manager
  Human Resources Statistics Program
  National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics
  National Science Foundation
  2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite W14200
  Alexandria, Virginia 22314

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