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NCSES RCG FY2010 DST 1_1 SAS Output
TABLE B-2. Crosswalk of SESTAT education codes and major field of study reported in data tables

Field of degree              Education code
        Life and related sciences
            Agricultural and food sciences
                Animal sciences 605
                Food sciences and technology 606
                Plant sciences 607
                Other agricultural sciences 608
            Biological sciences
                Biochemistry and biophysics 631
                Biology, general 632
                Botany 633
                Cell and molecular biology 634
                Ecology 635
                Genetics, plant and animal 636
                Microbiological sciences and immunology 637
                Nutritional science 638
                Pharmacology, human and animal 639
                Physiology and pathology, human and animal 640
                Zoology, general 641
                Other biological sciences 642
            Environmental life sciences
                Environmental science or studies 680
                Forestry services 681
        Computer and mathematical sciences
            Computer and information sciences
                Computer and information sciences 671
                Computer science 673
                Computer systems analysis 674
                Information services and systems 676
                Other computer and information sciences 677
            Mathematical sciences
                Applied mathematics 841
                Mathematics, general 842
                Operations research 843
                Statistics 844
                Other mathematics 845
        Physical and related sciences
            Chemistry, except biochemistry
                Chemistry, except biochemistry 873
            Earth science, geology, and oceanography
                Atmospheric sciences and meteorology 872
                Earth sciences 874
                Geology 875
                Geological sciences, other 876
                Oceanography 877
            Physics and astronomy
                Astronomy and astrophysics 871
                Physics 878
            Other physical sciences
                Other physical sciences 879
        Social and related sciences
                Agricultural economics 601
                Economics 923
            Political and related sciences
                Public policy studies 902
                International relations 927
                Political science and government 928
                Educational psychology 704
                Clinical psychology 891
                Counseling psychology 892
                Experimental psychology 893
                General psychology 894
                Industrial and organizational psychology 895
                Social psychology 896
                Other psychology 897
            Sociology and anthropology
                Anthropology and archaeology 921
                Criminology 922
                Sociology 929
            Other social sciences
                Area and ethnic studies 620
                Linguistics 771
                Philosophy of science 861
                Geography 924
                History of science 925
                Other social sciences 930
        Aerospace and related engineering
            Aerospace, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering 721
        Chemical engineering
            Chemical engineering 725
        Civil and architectural engineering
            Architectural engineering 723
            Civil engineering 726
        Electrical and related engineering
            Computer and systems engineering 727
            Electrical, electronics, and communications engineering 728
        Industrial engineering
            Industrial and manufacturing engineering 733
        Mechanical engineering
            Mechanical engineering 735
        Other engineering
            Agricultural engineering 722
            Bioengineering and biomedical engineering 724
            Engineering sciences, mechanics, and physics 729
            Environmental engineering 730
            Engineering, general 731
            Geophysical and geological engineering 732
            Materials engineering, including ceramics and textiles 734
            Metallurgical engineering 736
            Mining and minerals engineering 737
            Naval architecture and marine engineering 738
            Nuclear engineering 739
            Petroleum engineering 740
            Other engineering 741
    Health-related fields
        Audiology and speech pathology 781
        Health services administration 782
        Health/medical assistants 783
        Health/medical technologies 784
        Medical preparatory programs (e.g., pre-dentistry, pre-medical, pre-veterinary) 785
        Medicine (dentistry, optometry, osteopathic, podiatry, veterinary) 786
        Nursing (4 years or longer program) 787
        Pharmacy 788
        Physical therapy and other rehabilitation/ therapeutic services 789
        Public health (including environmental health and epidemiology) 790
        Other health/ medical sciences 791
    Science and mathematics teacher education
        Computer teacher education 702
        Mathematics teacher education 706
        Science teacher education 709
        Social science teacher education 712
    Technology and technical fields
        Computer programming 672
        Data processing 675
        Electrical and electronics technologies 751
        Industrial production technologies 752
        Mechanical engineering-related technologies 753
        Other engineering-related technologies 754
    Other S&E-related fields
        Architecture/ environmental design 610
        Actuarial science 652
    Art and humanities fields
        English language, literature, and letters 760
        Other foreign languages and literature 772
        Liberal arts/ general studies 820
        History, other 926
        Dramatic arts 941
        Fine arts 942
        Music 943
        Other visual and performing arts 944
    Management and administration fields
        Other agricultural business and production 602
        Accounting 651
        Business administration and management 653
        Business, general 654
        Business and managerial economics 655
        Financial management 657
        Other business management/ administrative services 659
    Education, except science and math teacher education
        Education administration 701
        Counselor education and guidance services 703
        Elementary teacher education 705
        Physical education and coaching 707
        Pre-school/ kindergarten/ early childhood teacher education 708
        Secondary teacher education 710
        Special education 711
        Other education 713
    Sales and marketing fields
        Business marketing/ marketing management 656
        Marketing research 658
    Social service and related fields
        Other philosophy, religion, theology 862
        Social work 910
    Other non-S&E fields
        Communications, general 661
        Journalism 662
        Other communications 663
        Other natural resources and conservation 682
        Criminal justice and protective services 690
        Home economics 800
        Law, prelaw, legal studies 810
        Library science 830
        Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies 850
        Public administration 901
        Other public affairs 903
        Other fields (not listed ) 995

S&E = science and engineering.