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NCSES RCG FY2010 DST 1_1 SAS Output
TABLE B-3. Crosswalk of SESTAT occupation codes and occupations reported in data tables

Occupation              Occupation code
S&E occupations
    Science occupations
        Biological, agricultural, and other life scientists
            Agricultural and food scientists
                Agricultural and food scientists 021
            Biological and medical scientists
                Biochemists and biophysicists 022
                Biological scientists 023
                Medical scientists, except practitioners 025
                Other biological and life scientists 027
            Environmental life scientists
                Forestry and conservation scientists 024
            Postsecondary teachers—life and related sciences
                Postsecondary teachers—agriculture 271
                Postsecondary teachers—biological science 273
                Other postsecondary teachers—natural science 297
        Computer and mathematical scientists
            Computer and information scientists
                Computer and information scientists, research 051
                Computer support specialists 053
                Computer systems analysts 054
                Database administrators 055
                Network and computer systems administrators 056
                Network systems and data communication analysts 057
                Other computer and information science occupations 058
                Computer engineers—software 088
            Mathematical scientists
                Mathematicians 172
                Operations research analysts, modeling 173
                Statisticians 174
                Other mathematical scientists 176
            Postsecondary teachers—computer and math sciences
                Postsecondary teachers—computer science 276
                Postsecondary teachers—mathematics 286
        Physical and related scientists
            Chemists, except biochemists
                Chemists, except biochemists 193
            Earth scientists, geologists, and oceanographers
                Atmospheric and space scientists 192
                Geologists 194
                Oceanographers 195
            Physicists and astronomers
                Astronomers 191
                Physicists 196
            Postsecondary teachers—physical and related sciences
                Postsecondary teachers—chemistry 275
                Postsecondary teachers—earth, environmental, and marine science 277
                Postsecondary teachers—physics 289
            Other physical and related scientists
                Other physical and related scientists 198
        Social and related scientists
                Economists 232
            Political scientists
                Political and related scientists 235
            Postsecondary teachers—social and related sciences
                Postsecondary teachers—economics 278
                Postsecondary teachers—political science 290
                Postsecondary teachers—psychology 291
                Postsecondary teachers—sociology 293
                Postsecondary teachers—other social sciences 298
                Psychologists 236
            Sociologists and anthropologists
                Anthropologists 231
                Sociologists 237
            Other social and related scientists
                Other social scientists 238
    Engineering occupations
        Aerospace and related engineers
            Aerospace, aeronautical, or astronautical engineers 082
        Chemical engineers
            Chemical engineers 085
        Civil and architectural engineers
            Civil, architectural, or sanitary engineers 086
        Electrical and related engineers
            Computer engineers—hardware 087
            Electrical and electronics engineers 089
        Industrial engineers
            Industrial engineers 091
        Mechanical engineers
            Mechanical engineers 094
        Postsecondary teachers—engineering
            Postsecondary teachers—engineering 280
        Other engineers
            Agricultural engineers 083
            Bioengineers and biomedical engineers 084
            Environmental engineers 090
            Marine engineers or naval architects 092
            Materials and metallurgical engineers 093
            Mining and geological engineers 095
            Nuclear engineers 096
            Petroleum engineers 097
            Sales engineers 098
            Other engineers 099
S&E-related occupations
    Health-related occupations
        Diagnosing and treating health practitioners 111
        Registered nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, therapists, physician assistants 112
        Health technologists and technicians 113
        Other health occupations 114
        Postsecondary teachers—health and related sciences 287
    S&E managers
        Computer and information systems managers 142
        Engineering managers 143
        Medical and health services managers 144
        Natural and social sciences managers 145
    S&E precollege teachers
        Teachers, secondary—computer, math, or science 253
        Teachers, secondary—social sciences 254
    S&E technicians and technologists
        Technologists/ technicians in biological/ life sciences 026
        Computer programmers 052
        Electrical, electronic, industrial, mechanical technologists/ technicians 100
        Drafting occupations 101
        Surveying/ mapping engineers technicians 102
        Other engineers technologists/ technicians 103
        Surveyors 104
        Technologists/ technicians in mathematical sciences 175
        Technologists/ technicians in physical sciences 197
    Other S&E-related occupations
        Architects 081
        Actuaries 171
Non-S&E occupations
    Arts, humanities, and related occupations
        Artists, editors, entertainers, public relations, writers 010
        Historians, except science and technology 233
    Management-related occupations
        Accountants, auditors, other financial specialists 151
        Personnel, training, and labor relations specialists 152
        Other management-related occupations 153
    Non-S&E managers
        Top-level managers, executives, administrators 141
        Education administrators 146
        Other mid-level managers 147
    Non-S&E postsecondary teachers
        Postsecondary teachers—art, drama, music 272
        Postsecondary teachers, business, commerce, and marketing 274
        Postsecondary teachers—education 279
        Postsecondary teachers—English 281
        Postsecondary teachers—foreign language 282
        Postsecondary teachers—history 283
        Postsecondary teachers—physical education 288
        Postsecondary teachers—other non-S&E 299
    Non-S&E precollege teachers
        Teachers—pre-K and kindergarten 251
        Teachers—elementary school 252
        Teachers, secondary—other subjects 255
        Teachers, special education 256
        Teachers, other precollegiate education 257
        Other teachers and instructors 300
    Sales and marketing occupations
        Sales/ marketing—insurance, securities, real estate, and business services 200
        Sales occupations—commodities, except retail 201
        Sales occupations—retail 202
        Other marketing and sales occupations 203
    Social services and related occupations
        Clergy and other religious workers 040
        Counselor, educational and vocational 070
        Social workers 240
    Other non-S&E occupations
        Accounting clerks and bookkeepers 031
        Secretaries, receptionists, and typists 032
        Other administrative 033
        Farmers, foresters, and fishermen 110
        Lawyers and judges 120
        Librarians, archivists, and curators 130
        Food preparation and service workers 221
        Protective service workers 222
        Other service occupations, except health 223
        Other teachers and instructors in noneducational institutions 300
        Construction trades, miners, and well drillers 401
        Mechanics and repairers 402
        Precision production occupations 403
        Operators and related occupations 404
        Transportation and material-moving occupations 405
        Other occupations 500

S&E = science and engineering; SESTAT = Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System.