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NCSES RCG 2010 DST 46_2 SAS Output
Table 46-2. Median salary of recent graduates with disabilities, with master's degrees in science, engineering, or health, by major field of degree: October 2010

Major field              Median salary ($)a SE
All fields 54,000 3,500
    Biological/ agricultural/ environmental life sciences D D
    Computer/ information sciences 64,000 16,500
    Mathematics/ statistics * *
    Physical and related sciences * *
    Psychology D D
    Social and related sciences 43,000 9,000
    Engineering 69,000 7,500
    Health 55,000 16,500

* = value < 500. D = suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information.
SE = standard error.
NOTES: Salaries are rounded to the nearest $1,000. Standard errors for salaries are rounded up to the nearest $500. Detail may not add to total because of rounding. Estimates are from recent college graduates who received bachelor's or master's degrees in science, engineering, or health fields in the 2008 and 2009 academic years; estimates may differ from degree counts published elsewhere. National Survey of Recent College Graduates asks the degree of difficulty—none, slight, moderate, severe, or unable to do—an individual has in seeing (with glasses), hearing (with hearing aid), walking without assistance, lifting 10 pounds, or concentrating, remembering, or making decisions. Those respondents who answered "moderate," "severe," or "unable to do" for any activity were classified as having a disability.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, National Survey of Recent College Graduates, 2010.
Data from survey cycle 2010, as of September 19, 2012.