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Table 9-0. Employed U.S. scientists and engineers, by all degree levels and level of highest degree and employment sector: 2013

Level of highest degree                Sector of employment
Employed scientists and engineers Business/ industry 4-year college/ university Other educational institution Government
Number SE Number SE Number SE Number SE Number SE
All degree levelsa 23,557,000 336,000 16,503,000 254,500 1,868,000 42,500 2,595,000 72,000 2,592,000 57,000
Bachelor's 13,432,000 237,000 10,157,000 186,500 646,000 27,000 1,054,000 45,500 1,575,000 50,500
Master's 6,882,000 109,500 4,171,000 68,500 537,000 21,000 1,448,000 55,000 726,000 22,500
Doctorate 1,154,000 16,000 501,000 10,500 493,000 9,500 68,000 7,000 93,000 3,500

Data codes used in these tables: * = value < 500. D = suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information. S = suppressed for reliability; coefficient of variation exceeds publication standards.
Abbreviations used in these tables: S&E = science and engineering; SE = standard error.
a Total includes professional degrees not broken out separately.
NOTES: Numbers are rounded to the nearest 1,000. Standard errors for numbers are rounded up to the nearest 500. Detail may not add to total because of rounding. Scientists and engineers are bachelor's and higher degreed individuals living in the United States with an S&E or S&E-related degree or occupation. See appendix for additional details on coverage, eligibility, educational field classification, and occupational classification. Business/industry includes self-employed individuals, nonprofit organizations, and other unspecified types of employers. Four-year college/university includes medical schools and university-affiliated research institutes. Other educational institution includes 2-year colleges, precollege institutions, and other educational institutions. Government includes federal (civilian), military, state, and local employers.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT): 2013.
Data from survey cycle 2013, as of 24 February 2015.