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Analysis Variable:   Degrees/Awards Conferred by Race (NCES population of institutions)
This variable indicates the number of degrees or other formal awards conferred by race/ethnicity of the recipient.
For years prior to 1996, the NCES and NSF populations of institutions are the same.

Beginning with 1996 data, the NCES has changed the subset of the postsecondary institutional universe for which data are generally reported. Previous reports were concerned primarily with enrollment in postsecondary institutions that were accredited at the college level by an agency recognized by the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education (ED). Current NCES publications subset the postsecondary institutional universe on the basis of the degree-granting status (information that is available directly from IPEDS) as well as eligibility for Title IV federal financial aid (based on a list of eligible institutions maintained by ED's Office of Postsecondary Education).

Please pay close attention to the subset of the postsecondary institutional universe for which NCES data are reported when comparing NCES data to WebCASPAR data.

Degrees and awards earned but not yet conferred, conferred by branch institutions located in foreign countries, and of an honorary nature are not included.
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