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Analysis Variable:   Completion Costs-Current Construction for Medical School
Survey Item Text
If your institution has a medical school, please estimate the portion of the costs and the amount of space (NASF) for research reported in Question 9 that is located in the medical school.
Start date is the date on which the physical work of the construction actually began.
New construction refers to construction of a new building, additions to an existing building, and the building out of shell space.
Shell space is unfinished space that intentionally is left for completion at a later time.
Completion costs include planning, site preparation, construction, fixed equipment, nonfixed equipment that costs $1 million or more, and building infrastructure such as plumbing, lighting, air exchange, and safety systems either in the building or within 5 feet of the building foundation.
If research space will be shared among fields or used for other purposes in additon to research: Report the portion of cost and space used for research by each field below. For example, if two fields will share the space equally, report half of the costs and space in one field and half in the other. Or, if an area was used for research one-fourth of the time and for other purposes the rest of the time, report one-fourth of the costs and space as research space.
Dollar amounts are in thousands.
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