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Analysis Variable:   Number of Nontenured Faculty Not on Tenure Track
This variable indicates the number of full-time members of the instruction/research staff who are not in positions that lead to consideration for tenure and whose major (more than 50%) regular assignment is instruction, including those with released time for research.

Also included are the following full-time instructional faculty who are not in positions which lead to consideration for tenure:

  • full-time instructional faculty on sabbatical leave;
  • full-time replacements for instructional faculty on leave without pay; and
  • chairs of departments (if they have no other administrative title and hold a full-time faculty rank).

    The following instructional faculty are not included:

  • Replacements for instructional faculty on sabbatical leave;
  • Instructional faculty on leave without pay;
  • Instructional faculty for preclinical and clinical medicine (instructional faculty in all other fields, such as dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, dental hygiene, etc., should be reported);
  • Instructional faculty who are employed on a part-time basis;
  • Instructional faculty (such members of religious orders) whose services are valued by bookkeeping entries rather than by full cash transactions;
  • Instructional faculty who, as members of military organizations, are on a salary scale that is different from civilian employees;
  • Administrative officers with titles such as dean of instruction, academic dean, dean of faculty, dean of students, librarian, registrar, coach, etc., even though they may devote part of their time to classroom instruction; and
  • Undergraduate or graduate students who assist in the instruction of courses, but have titles such as graduate or teaching assistant, teaching associate, teaching fellow, etc.
  • Availability
    These data were not collected prior to academic year 1988.
    Beginning in academic year 1991, if an institution does not recognize tenure, then all full-time instructional faculty are reported as not being on a tenure track.
    The sum of the number of tenured faculty, number of nontenured faculty not on tenure track, and the number of nontenured faculty on tenure track does not equal the total number of faculty reported for academic years (AY) 1988-91, but does equal the total number of faculty reported for AY 1992 and later years.
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