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Analysis Variable:   Total Faculty Salary Outlay
This variable indicates the total salary outlay for full-time instructional faculty. Additional stipends for administrative, managerial, or other responsibilities are not included.
Data were not collected by gender for academic year 1971.
Salary data are not available for all faculty due to suppression of data in some years and estimation of number of faculty, but not salary data, for nonresponding institutions. Smaller groups, such as female faculty with 12-month contracts, were subject to greater suppression of data.
In academic years 1975 and 1976, data were collected as mean salary; total salary outlay was computed from these means.
Data Suppression
In some years, salary data were suppressed at the lowest level of detail, but provided at a total level (total salary outlay summed over academic rank by length of contract and gender). For those years, adjustment records were created for each institution when the reported total differed from the computed total. These adjustment records contain the difference between the reported and computed totals. Data in the reported total could not be attributed to a specific academic rank or sex; therefore, the rank and/or sex were set to "Other/Unknown." In the other years when data were suppressed, reported totals were not available to create these adjustment records.
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