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Analysis Variable:   Total R&D Expenditures in All Fields
R&D expenditures in all fields from current operating funds that are separately budgeted and accounted for. For purposes of this survey, R&D includes expenditures for organized research as defined by 2 CFR 220 (OMB Circular A-21) and expenditures from other accounts that are only used for research.


  • Sponsored research (including federal and nonfederal sponsors)
  • University research (institutional funds that are separately budgeted for individual R&D projects)
  • Other accounts funded by the institution that are only used for research
  • Recovered and unrecovered indirect costs
  • Equipment purchased from R&D project accounts
  • R&D funds passed through to a subrecipient organization, educational or other
  • Clinical trials, Phases I, II, or III
  • Research training grants funding work on organized research projects
  • Public service grants or outreach programs
  • Curriculum development (unless included as part of an overall research project)
  • Departmental research that is not separately budgeted
  • R&D conducted by university faculty or staff at outside institutions that is not accounted for in the institution's financial records
  • Capital projects (i.e., construction or renovation of research facilities)
  • Non-research training grants
  • Unrecovered indirect costs that exceed your institution's federally negotiated Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate
Prior to 2003, the survey only requested R&D expenditures within science and engineering (S&E) fields, therefore this variable can be used for any trend analyses including 2003 and beyond. For trend analyses involving years prior to 2003, please use the analysis variable Total Higher Education R&D Expenditures for S&E.
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