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Editing Classification Variables

The Edit Classification Variable screen allows you to select individual values for the classification variable that you selected for your table on the Modify Classification Variables screen.

The Available Values field on the left side of the screen contains a list of all the available values for the selected classification variable. The Selected Values field on the right side of the screen displays those values you have selected for your table. By default, the Selected Values field is set to “All values,” which means that the table will include all the values in the Available Values field. The only exception is Year, which has the default value set to “Most recent year.”

To select specific values for the classification variable:

To remove a selected value from the classification variable:

Registered users can log in and save their selected values using the Save Selection Group function. Click on Save Selection Group under the Selected Values field to access the Save Selection Group Specifications screen.

Registered users can also view or edit previously saved value configurations by clicking on View/Edit Saved Selection Group under the Available Values field. This takes you to the Saved Selection Groups screen.


If the variable you are editing is Year and the analysis variable selected has a monetary value, then the Edit Classification Variable screen will display a Deflate button. The deflator function allows you to convert actual dollars to constant dollars using system- or user-defined deflator series using the Select Deflator function.

Institution Search

If the variable you are editing is an academic institution, then the Edit Classification Variables screen will display an Institution Search button. The Institution Search function allows you to locate and add institutions to the Selected Values field on the Edit Classification Variable screen. You can then select them for use as values of classification variables in your WebCASPAR table.