Format Output Table

The Format Output Table screen allows you to customize your data table to suit your specific needs. There are a number of table formatting elements that you can change. The default version of the screen is graphics based. Click on accessible version to access a text-based version of the screen that is compatible with screen reader technology. On the text-based version of the screen, click on graphical version to return to the default, graphics-based screen.

Arranging Rows and Columns

On the graphics-based version of the screen:

On the text-based version of the screen:

Displaying Rows and Columns

You can also adjust the number of rows and columns displayed in the table. Enter the desired number of rows and columns in the corresponding text boxes and click on Set. The maximum number of rows is 200, and the maximum number of columns is 100.

Table Output

You can select the format in which the completed table will be produced. By default, WebCASPAR outputs the table to your browser. You may select: