Modify Analysis Variables

The Modify Analysis Variables screen is where you will select the analysis variables to be used in your WebCASPAR table. Analysis variables provide quantitative values, including counts of students, faculty, or degrees. They always appear as columns in the table.

The Table Summary near the top of the screen lists the selections you have made for each of the following:

To select an analysis variable, click on a variable in the Add analysis variable pulldown list, then click on Select. To select multiple analysis variables, press and hold the Ctrl (for PC) or Apple Icon (for Mac) key while making your selections, then click on Select. The screen will refresh, and the name(s) of the variable(s) you selected will appear in the Table Summary near the top of the screen under Analysis Variable(s) and on the screen just above the pulldown list.

For each variable you select, you can choose to display the following statistics in the compiled table:

Mark the checkbox next to the statistic that you want to display in the compiled table. You can select one or all of the options for display.

Click on the Remove button next to the variable name to remove the corresponding variable from your table. Click on Remove All to remove all the selected analysis variables.

After selecting the analysis variables, continue to the Select Classification Variables screen (by clicking on the Modify Classification Variables tab at the top of the screen or the Modify Classification Variables button at the bottom of the screen) to select the classification variables to be used in your table.

You can also click on Clear Table to clear all analysis and classification variable selections you have made, allowing you to start building the table from scratch.

Note: Format Table and View Table will be grayed out and inoperable until at least one analysis variable has been selected.

Saving Table Specifications

If you are a registered user, you can log into WebCASPAR and save the data source and variables you selected on the Table Builder screens as a single table specification, allowing you to easily re-create the table at a later date rather than re-creating it from scratch. You can also make changes to the selections in a saved table specification and save it as a new table specification.

After selecting your variables, click on Save Table at the bottom of the screen to access the Save Table screen, where you can assign a name to the table specification and save it.