Modify Classification Variables

The Modify Classification Variables screen allows you to select the classification variables to be used in your WebCASPAR table. Classification variables provide categorical values by which quantitative data may be aggregated, including institution, discipline, race/ethnicity, and degree level.

Year is a required classification variable for all queries. By default, WebCASPAR selects the most recent year. You can change the selection to a different year using the Selected Values: Edit function.

The Table Summary near the top of the screen lists the selections that you have made for each of the following categories:

To select a classification variable, click on a name in the Add classification variable list, then click on Select. To select multiple classification variables, press and hold the Ctrl key (for PC) or Apple icon key (for Mac) while making your selections, then click on Select. The screen will refresh, and the names of the variables you selected will appear in the Table Summary near the top of the screen under Classification Variables and in the area just above the dropdown list.

Some of the available classification variables will fall into one of the following categories:

You can make the following format selections for each classification variable:

Click on the Remove button corresponding to a selected variable to remove it from the table.

Click on Clear Table to clear all analysis and classification variable selections you have made, which will result in a blank table builder template.



Registered users have access to the following additional functionality:

Saving Classification Variable Specifications

Registered users can save settings selected for a classification variable, allowing them to be used in the development of additional tables without the user having to reselect the settings individually.

To save a classification variable specification, click on the Save button corresponding to the selected variable. This takes you to the Save Classification Variable Specification screen. The screen displays a summary of all the selections made for the variable and displays a data entry field where you can enter a name for the saved specification.

My Favorites

Registered users who have previously edited and saved classification variable specifications (see WebCASPAR Help: View/Edit Saved Selection Group) can select one of the edited variables from the “Add classification variable from My Favorites” pulldown list for inclusion in the table specification. Variables that have already been selected for inclusion in the table will not appear on the list.

Saving Table Specifications

Registered users can save their individually selected data sources and variables as a single table specification, allowing the table to be recreated without having to reselect all the specifications from scratch. If changes are made to the selections in a saved table specification, the specification can be saved either under the existing specification name or as a new table specification.

After making your selections, click on Save Table at the bottom of the screen to access the Save Table screen, where you can assign a name to the table specification and save it.